Aporetical Poetry r

Title Aporetical Poetry
Date 220.01.1983
Venue Leeds Warehouse
Label Dharma Rec. Promo 96
  1. Kiss the carpet
  2. Floorshow
  3. Watch
  4. Adrenochrome


  1. Alice
  2. Valentine
  3. 1969
  4. Lights
  5. Damage Done





inner sleeve


bulletEBAY 332,89 Euro 08/2011
bulletfirst appearance on EBAY 08/2011
bulletlimited 23 handnumbered
bulletfoldout cover with 3 attached cartons
bulletclear vinyl
bulletnot noticed: "Anaconda" on side A
bulletSeller wrote: the right inner side has a different paper quality, it�s like a silverscreen. The picture was taken from the movie: "Tanz der Totenk�pfe" (dance of the sculls)
bulletSeller wrote: The Sound Quality is stereo and might be well compared to "Halloween in Arkham".
Watch is introduced with: "Another one ... Watch ..."
Anaconda�s intro: "This gonna be our next single ... Anaconda... "
Valentine similar: "A new one ..." and ends "...thank you, we just tune up a bit"
...as usually done those days 1969 starts by repeditive, aggressive shouts of : "Kiss, Shoot..." (... again same as "Halloween in Arkham" for example)
Damage done starts: " This is our first ... Damage.. " while saying "first", Andrew Eldritch bursts out slightly to a laughter.