House of Reptiles

Title House of Reptiles
Date 20.10.1984
Venue Essex University

Seite 1 :

  1. Body Electric
  2. Adrenochrome
  3. Ghostrider/Sister Ray
  4. Burn


Seite 2 :

  1. Heartland
  2. No time to cry
  3. Anaconda
  4. Train
  5. Marian
  6. Walk Away


 house of reptiles front

house of reptiles back




limited fanclub edition 50


EBAY 09/2006 124 GBP

Heartland forum says:

"the original pressing of Reptile House that was stricly limited to 50 copies (but less distribuited) was released by Palazzo boys Very Happy using 5o remains copies of side A of Black pack 2lp with yellow label and most important using 50 sleeves with red stamp on back "limited edition of 100 copies" (as usa ltd 100 reissue) that was hidden by the glued insert of reptile (you can still see it with a 100 w lamp). This is one the only legitim copy of it. Later a reissue was done by someonelse using normal white card sleeve and numbered yellow vinyl lp (quantites unknow) without the red stamp. And another totally fake done by a private seller using the blue eyed label of black pack 2lp with poor inserts
this the true story"