The Grief

Title The Grief
Date released 1992
Venue Various Live
(18May1984 Oxford College)
(23Dec1982 London Club Foot)
(18May1984 Oxford College)
Label Scarabeus

Seite 1 :

  1. Kiss the Carpet (23Dec1982 London Club Foot)
  2. Floorshow (23Dec1982 London Club Foot)
  3. Adrenochrome (23Dec1982 London Club Foot)
  4. Alice (23Dec1982 London Club Foot)
  5. Watch (23Dec1982 London Club Foot)
  6. Valentine (23Dec1982 London Club Foot)
  7. anaconda (23Dec1982 London Club Foot)

Seite 2 :

  1. Body Electric (23Dec1982 London Club Foot)
  2. Sister Ray (23Dec1982 London Club Foot)
  3. ? (Black Night) (6Nov1984 Utrecht Tivoli Soundcheck)
  4. ? (Untiteled) (6Nov1984 Utrecht Tivoli Soundcheck)
  5. ? (Untiteled) (6Nov1984 Utrecht Tivoli Soundcheck)
  6. Body and Soul (18May1984 Oxford College)
  7. Gimme Shelter (18May1984 Oxford College)


The Grief front


The Grief back



clear / yellow/ golden vinyl with insert



limited 60 in marbeled vinyl with discography, cover stamped with same stamp as Heidelberg 1990


limited 50 in clear-yellow (golden) vinyl


+15oo (more than 1000 in black vinyl, rest (60?) in various colours)


EBAY black vinyl 9,99 Euro 07/2011


EBAY coloured vinyl 01/2013 77,99 Euro (marbeled vinyl with 14 pages booklet 32/60)