Suns of Mercy

Title Susns of Mercy
Venue Live+ Demo
Label Mongoose Records Cologne 1991 Made in Germany
  1. The Sisters of mercy victims of circumstance
  2. Ghostrider/Sister Ray (live)
  3. First and last and always (studio demo)
  4. Black Planet (Dance on Glass lyrics)
  5. A rock and a hard place (studio demo)
  6. Garden of delight (Wayne on vocals)
  7. Garden of delight (Andrew on vocals)
  8. Knocking on heavens door (studio demo)
  9. Afterhours (studio outtake)
  10. Joelen (studio demo)



susns of mercy





bulletEBAY 37,25 Euro 08/2009, 22,03 Euro 04/2014
bulletJolene is written "Joelen"
bulletAfterhours is written "After Hours"