Half moon over Amsterdam

Title Half moon over Amsterdam
Date 28.08.1983
Venue Amsterdam, Paradiso
Label Condor Records

Seite 1 :

  1. Heartland
  2. Alice
  3. Emma
  4. Temple of love
  5. Floorshow
  6. Adrenochrome


Seite 2 :

  1. Gimme Shelter
  2. Kiss the carpet
  3. Body Electric
  4. Sister Ray/Louie Louie/Ghostrider/Louie Louie










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long story short:     Joel-Peter Witkin "Gods of Earth and Heaven"


short story long:     after the cancelled concert in Berlin on 22nd October 2015 I had to go to Berlin once again on 9th of December 2015 for the rescedueled concert. Sadly enough it was cancelled again just one daybefore. Train and hotel could not be cancelled. So I had lots of time to hang around, drink some beer and to eat the best burger in Berlin.

Then I decided to go to an art exhibition "The Botticelli Renaissance". And there it was: the cover of the Half moon over Amsterdam LP! I knew that the cover was inspired by Botticelli's "Birth of Venus".


�Sandro Botticelli - La nascita di Venere" - Google Art Project

But the piece of art that I saw there was the real thing!

Joel-Peter Witkin, Gods of Earth & Heaven, LA, 1988

Joel -Peter Witkin - Gods of Earth and Heaven"

You may still buy one of the signed limited edition of 15 on "Artspace.com" for just 13828 Euro! (May be an alternative for all the boys and girls who spend hundreds of EuroDollars on greece bootlegs!). Original size 14.5" x 14.75", toned gelatin silver print.

Then I remembered that I already saw some more cover artworks by witkin:

Pungent Stench "Been caught buttering"

Pungent Stench "For god your soul ... for me your flesh" which looks like this:


Pungent Stench

And maybe you might know this one, too? just change the title and you have:

Sisters of Mercy - Lord of darkness LP

Like it or not: your decision