Out through the poison door

Title Out through the poison door
Venue Peel/Jensen Sessions + Amsterdam 83
Label PS/A PS/B
  1. 1969 (John Peel Session)
  2. Floorshow (John Peel Session)
  3. Good Things (John Peel Session)
  4. Alice (John Peel Session)
  5. Jolene (Kid Jensen Session)
  6. Burn (Kid Jensen Session)


  1. Poison Door (John Peel Session)
  2. No Time To Cry (John Peel Session)
  3. Emma (John Peel Session)
  4. Gimme Shelter (Amsterdam 28.08.83)
  5. Adrenochrome (Amsterdam 28.08.83)



bulletEBAY 03/2011 302,79 Euro, 05/2011 175 GBP = 198 Euro
bulletlimited to 100
bulletsame as Dead Flowers
bulletPlain white cover with a paper image glued to it
bulletwhite Din A 4 sheet with tracklisting
bulletTracks B4 and B5 wrongly credited on sleeve to Peel Sessions 1984
bulletTrack B5 listed as �Sisters of Mercy�