Title Russian flexi Disc
Venue Studio
Various russian flexi discs with 1 track (original studio recordings)


bulletTemple of love
bulletWhen you don't see me
bulletBody Electric
bulletI was wrong
bulletSomething fast
bulletColours (Sisterhood)
bulletGimme shelter
bulletA rock and a hard place
bulletPoison Door
bulletBlack Planet
bullet...and so on


phantomflexi joleneflexi

blackplanetflexi AliceFlexi

Dominion1Flexi FloorshowFlexi


few examples




all sold on EBAY for about 5-23 Euro bullet

various colours (clear, blue, yellow...) bullet

in April 2012 28 flexi discs have been sold for about 10 Euro each, 1-3 bidders for each, all sold bullet

in May 2013 about 15 flexi discs have been sold for 9,99 USD = 7,73 Euro each bullet

in June 2014 Temple of love (1) sold for 9,09 Euro bullet

in March 2016 about 20 flexis have been sold by a aseller from Poland for about 9 Euro each bullet

also in March 2016 some flexis were sold by a canadian seller for more than 20 Euro each, others for about 9 Euro each

in September 2017 about 16 flexi discs have been offered for a price of  10 USD = 8,35 Euro, but just 2 of them were sold