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Bootlegs are illegal recordings. Once just live recordings, now compilations of already released material and copies of official releases, too. Most live bootlegs have poor quality and are therefore just for the fan. You won't find bootlegs in regular record shops, but on record/CD-fairs and of course in the internet auction houses. Because of the limited availability (and other limitations) you'll have to pay prices between expensive and very expensive.


The prices I mentioned next to some items are not fixed. Difference of 20 Euro and more for one CD within one year may occur. German Bootlegs will be cheaper in Germany than in the USA. EBAY price may be cheap or expensive. Record fairs are (most times) very expensive. And always remember: An expensive bootleg is not always a good one!


The new generation of Bootlegs. The CDR is the medium to swap live recordings from fan to fan, but sometimes can be found on EBAY, too (seems some guys try to become rich with selling 100 times the same CDR). You may find them with or without artwork. Some are pure live recordings, some are improved on the computer.

Greece and Australia

during the last few years a great variety of new bootlegs occured on EBAY. Some of them for a very cheap price. But on the other hand there seems to be a market for very high-priced special editions on coloured vinyl or in special boxes, sometimes with t-shirts. Most of this stuff seems to be from Australia and especially from Greece.

Best bootleg ever

Sometimes people ask me: which one is the best Sisters bootleg?
Well, there was a discussion at the Heartland-Forum and it seems Live in Amsterdam (available on CD and LP) and Disguised in Black are some of the favourites. But of course it's great to have some bootlegs from concerts you've bee
n at (in my case that would be Smoke and Mirrors). ...and sometimes it's just the package or the long and stony road to get a special bootleg,that makes a personal favourite.

My Collection

Of course I'm not the owner of all the bootlegs noticed on my homepage. Most of them I just read about, saw them on EBAY or elsewhere. My personal collection can be found here. I won't sell any item!. This collection is the work of more than 25 years.

About me

Male, living in Germany but feeling as a European, Sisters-Fan since First and Last and Always. Not the very "hardcore" fan following the Sisters from concert to concert, not even having a head-and-star tatoo. Perhaps I'm a litte "old-school", but not a real Goth. Favourite song: Alice. Last concert: Stuttgart 2019 - Next concert: ???

Anything else you'd like to know?