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Russian MP3 CD


7" and 12" Collection

12" Collection (12",7" and Demos)

2014 May 18 Gasometer Vienna Austria (Wien 18.05.2014)

2015 October 15 Rock City Nottingham UK

2016 March 16 Neue Batschkapp Frankfurt Germany

18 VII 99 (Ilha do Ermal Portugal)

1983 - 1986 (Studio Tracks)

1996 (Offenbach 14.7.96)

7in & 12in Collection CD


A Moment of Darkness (Teatro Espero, Rome 2.5.85 )

A Sense of Time & Space (Wembley Arena 26.11.90)

Above the Chemist (25/03/1985,Lyceum,London)

Absolute Proof (Manchester Apollo 11.6.97)

Acoustics From the Beehive (Demos)

Alice in the temple of love UK 1983 DoLPAlice in the temple of love UK 1983

Amphetamine (Boblingen 7.5.91)

Ancienne Belgique (28/01/98,Brussels)

A night at a hard place in Belgium 85

Arc Angel 2CD (San Francisco, 06.10.99)

A Sister Ray in Leeds 84

Arvika - Sweden 12.July 2001 DoCD


B Sides (All the B Sides)


Before Darkness (Bremen, Germany 8.11.84)

Before The Flood (CD version of Hard Reign LP)

Bei mir bist du schoen (M'ERA LUNA FESTIVAL Hildesheim 12/8/00)

Below Zero 2CD  (Toronto 28.9.99)

Berlin1993 (7/12/93,Deutschlandhalle Berlin)

Birmingham 1993 (22/12/93,NEC)

Birmingham Tin Can Club (7.4.84)

Black Album 2CD ("No Mercy" & "Visions of Death")

Black Hat Dark Glasses (interview)

Black Mariah (Birmingham NEC 22.12.93)

Black October (Brighton 22.10.84)

Black Planet (Rome 2.5.85 + Demo's)

Black Visions (Heidelberg 11.22.90)

Brothers & Sisters (Reading 26.8.91)


Chicago in amphetamines 1991

Come Together in Mercyland (Vienna 12.2.93)

Colours in Carnage

Conversation Disc Series

Crush and burn in Athens 2006


Dark Christmas in London (Brixton 21.12.93)

Dark Paradise (Lorelei 20.6.92)

Dark Rose 2CD - New York 24.9.99

Dark, Depressed & Deadly (Den Haag 26.5.85)

Deep Blue v. Dr.Avalanche 2CD (Rendsburg 20.7.97)

Demo's & Remixes

Devil In A Black Dress (All the singles on one CD)

Disco Thing (Remixes)

Disguised in Black (Newcastle, Tiffany's 13.3.85)

Distance Over Time (Dublin 13.6.97)

Dominion (Roskilde festival 28.06.91)

Doomsday (19/8/00)

Dour 97

Dressed To Kill (Same as "The Darks Were In Milan")



Echoes 1 (Berlin 30.8.83 + London 12.8.83)

Echoes 2 (Demo's)

Echoes 3 (Demo's)

Echoes 4 (Demo's)

Echoes Vol I - IV Box-Set

Electric Live (Hasselt, Belgium 29.8.92)

Enjoy The Puppet Show (London 31.7.93)

Enter the Sisters DoCD

Enter the Sisters - A black October CD

Entertainment Or Death (Studio & Rare Tracks)

Europe 1993 (Crystal Palace in London 31,7.93)

Euthanasia (Roskilde 98 CDR?)

Event Horizon (13.02.98 London,The Forum)

Exxile in Cologne (06.03.01 Palladium,Cologne)

Exxile on Euphoria (London 06.09.00)


First & Last & Forever (American Tribute CD)

Floorshow (Fender's Ballroom, Long Beach 30.5.85)

Family Tree 8 CD Box Set

Frankfurt - Germany  Mar 16 2016

Frost upon the windowpane


Garden of Delight

Germany 1990

Gimme Shelter (Newcastle 13.3.85)

Green Eldritch


Hard Reign (Demos)

Hazy Mirrors (Deinze 16.04.2003)

Heartland (Demo's)

Heaven on Earth (Losheim 04.09.93)

Heidelberg 1990

Hidden Faces (Festival Rock Ilha Do Ermal in Braga, Northern Portugal, on July 18th 1999.)

Holland Floorshow 1984 (Maastricht 06.06.1984)

Holocaust (London 18.6.85)

Howling Edge 2CD (Los Angeles 8.10.99)

Hum of the Power Lines (M'ERA LUNA FESTIVAL Hildesheim 12/8/00)



I don't go there now (2009)

Interview Box

Interview Picture Disc (Baktabak)

In the End (Ochtrup.Helter Skelter 13/07/96)

In the Shadow of the Sun (07.06.97 Glauchau Woodstage Festival)

In The Western Sky 2CD (Anaheim 9.10.99)

Incoming 2CD (Arvikafestival 1998)

In Darkness (Demos and Remixes)

I've always wanted to do this 2CD (M'era Luna Hildesheim 08.10.02)


Kama Sutra 2CD (CD1 is Boeblingen 07.05.91, CD2 is Demo's & Studio Tracks)

Kenny Giles walks on water (mixes)

Kiss The Blade (Detmold 29.5.84)

Knocking On Heaven's Door (London 18.6.85 MRCD7)


Le Trianon (05.03.11 Paris)

Live at Ilha do Ermal festival (Portugal, 2CD)

Live At The Melkway (22.06.84, Melkweg, Amsterdam)

Live in Amsterdam (02.06.84, Melkweg,Amsterdam)

Live in Amsterdam 83 (28.08.83 Paradiso, Amsterdam)

Live in Anaheim '99

Live in Athens 2009

Live in Bologna 85

Live in Heidelberg

Live in Newcastle (13.03.85,Tiffany's,Newcastle)

Live in San Fransisco '99

Live in Sao Paulo 2006

Live in Sao Paulo (Bite the silver bullet tour 2006) Box

Live in the Temple of Love (Boblingen, Germany 7.5.91)

Live In The Trojan Horse (Den Haag 26.5.84)

Live Show (Bradford UK 1.4.83, Hull UK 3.31.83, Hamburg Germany 5/27/84)

London Astoria (02.05.06)

London Train 1985 (26.03.1985 Birmingham)

London 1993 (31.07.1993 London Crystal Palace)


Merciless (Live in Vienna 03.05.91)

M'Eldritch Luna (M'era Luna Festival 2000)

M'era Luna (M'ERA LUNA FESTIVAL Hildesheim 12/8/00)

M'era Luna 2000 (M'ERA LUNA FESTIVAL Hildesheim 12/8/00)

Methadrine (various live and demo)

Monochrome (Den Haag 26.5.84, London 6.4.83, Leeds 7.5.81)

Monochrome (German Tribute CD)

More Sisters Vol.One & Two 2CD

Mother Russia - Live in Moscow 2CD (07.12.2006 B1 Maximum Moscow)


Napalm Gods (Amsterdam 28.8.83)

Neue Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany 16.03.2016

Neon Dream (Reading 26.8.91)

New Meth Experience 2CD (Leeds 3.6.97)

No Mercy (Boblingen 7.5.91)

North Star (Leeds Polytechnic 16.2.1991)

Nova Rock 2006 Austria (Nickelsdorf 16.06.2006)


On Cake (York 16.02.01)

Opus Dei (Stockholm 17.5.85)

Out In The Dark (Berlin 13.6.92)

Overkill 97 (CDR Vienna 97)


Panic in their eyes (Den Haag, Trojan horse 26.05.84)

Possession (Paradiso, Amsterdam 28.8.83)

Possession DoCD (Paradiso, Amsterdam 28.8.83)

Promotion CD for Mr. Box only

Psychedelic Sessions (Peel & Jensen Sessions)

Psychedelic Sessions 86 (Peel & Jensen Sessions)

Pure White And Deadly


Race Course

Radioland (Peel sessions,Jensen sessions and Demos)

Rainbow Star 2CD (Fort Lauderdale 14.10.99)

Rain from Heaven

Rare Obscurities (Demos)

Rare Tracks

Red Box Remixes


Rise And Reverberate (Milan 10.3.91)

Rock City, Nottingham, UK 15.10.2015

Royal Albert Hall


Screw-Shareholder-Value (Unreleased album from 1997)

Shadow over Sheffield (A5 box 1984)

Sister Ray (Deltmond 25.9.84, London 24.3.85)

Silver Machine

Smoke and Mirrors (Frankfurt 01.04.2003)

So Dark All Over Europe (3CD Box)

Some Boys Wander By Mistake

Some Kind Of Strangers (London 24.3.85)

Something that I missed Vol. 1

Something that I missed Vol. 2

Stoned Immaculate

Strange Logic

Suffer In Vain (Chicago 91)

Summer Visions

Suns of Mercy (live and demos)

Supercrash �97 (20 JULY 1997,Supercrash-festival,Rendsburg)

Superrock 2CD (Neerpelt 1998)


Temple of Rarities (Rare versions & mixes)

Temple of Rarities Vol.2 (More versions & mixes)

Thoughts and Prayers Interview-C.D

The Basement Tapes 3 CD (Mixes + Sessions)

The Darks Where In Milan (Milan 29.4.85)

The Devil and the deep blue sea (Frankfurt 22.04.1985)

The Family Tree (Box Set of 8 CD's)

The good, the bad and the ugly DoCD

The good, the bad and the ugly Box-Set

The green Eldritch

Then and forever (Best of compilation)

The Neon Dream

The Ohm (Heidelberg 22.11.90)

The Sexton was here (Limited Edition box with 2 C.D.'s,1 Badge,1 Purse, 1 Bag and 1 ""Sexton"" card"CD 17 MAY 1991,Boeblingen,,74 Min.,Same as "Amphetamine" but WITH "Gimme Shelter"CD 21991,Live in the U.S.A.)

The WEA Mixes

Thoughts and Prayers (Interview)

Tonhalle Muenchen 20.05.2014 (Brasil)

Tonhalle Germany 2014 (USA)

Toronto 1999 (Toronto, 28.09.99,The Docks)

Total Mercy (Birmingham NEC 29.6.92)

To the Planet Edge (Toronto, 28.09.99)

Tour Thing (Promo for Vision Thing Tour)

Trans Europe Excess (Stockholm 17.5.85)

Trip the Light (London Astoria 22.02.01)

Trip the Light Fantastic (M'ERA LUNA FESTIVAL Hildesheim 12/8/00)

Trip the Light Fantastic (London 2000)

Tune In...Turn Off...Burn Out (Leeds 16.3.85)

Tune In...Turn On...Burn Out


Ultra Rare Trax (Demos & Mixes)

Under the covers (1983-1985) (live covers)

Under the knife (Demos & Mixes)

Unmarked Door (Amsterdam 84)


Victorian Night (Brixton, London 10.6.97)

Victims of circumstance

Vienna 1991

Vision Songs (Versions & Mixes 90-93)

Visions At The Forum (Forum, London 13.2.98)

Visions of Death (Heidelberg 22.11.90)


Wait till Docks opens

Wake (Royal Albert Hall 18.6.85)

War on Drugs (Roskilde Festival, Denmark 26.06.98)

Welcome to the Temple of Love

Wide Receiver (Demo's)

Wilthurn II (8/10/99,Wilthurn II Theatre,L.A.)

Winterthur 2CD (31.8.91)

Woodstage Holocaust


Zig Zag (Brixton 19.2.83)