My personal collection of Bootlegs

edited 24.03.2021

CD Bootlegs

Black Visions

1983 -1986

Electric live

Come together in mercyland

Live in the temple of love

Welcome to the temple of love

Dark Paradise

Demos and Remixes

Unmarked door

Live at the Melkway




Echoes 1

Echoes 2

Echoes 3

Echoes 4

Black Album DoCD

Entertainment or death

The darks were in Milan

Out in the dark

Visions of death

Suffer in vain

Dominion Roskilde � 91

The neon dream

Trans Europe Excess

Dark Christmas in London

Enjoy the puppet show

12" Collection

So dark all over Europe

=Kiss the blade

=Napalm Gods


Golden Audience Edition 1996

Wide receiver

Live in the Trojan Horse

Victorian Night

Some Boys Wander By Mistake

Possession (DoCD) 1st and 2nd edition

Black Planet

Temple of Rarities

Temple of Rarities Vol. 2


Gimme Shelter

The Ohm

M'Eldritch Luna

Psychedelic Sessions

Ultra Rare Trax

Brothers & Sisters

Tune in...Turn off ...Burn out...

Rise and Reverberate


Opus Dei


Family Tree 8 CD-Box-Set

=Enter the Sisters Vol. 1+2

=Psychedelic Sessions

=Rare Obscurities

=Live in Newcastle

=Possession-Live in Amsterdam

=Knocking on heavens door

=Promotion CD For Mr Box only

Vision Songs

Germany 1990 = Heidelberg 1990

Before Darkness

Exxile in Cologne

Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors - Frankfurt 01.04.03

Colours in Carnage

The devil and the deep blue sea

Ancienne Belgique

Live in Austria

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Europe 1993

Panic in their eyes

Exile on Euphoria

Kama Sutra


Live in Bologna 1985

Crush burn in Athens


Shadow over Sheffield

Green Eldritch

Le Trianon

Something that I missed Vol 1

Something that I missed Vol 2

Under the covers

The Ultrasound Remixes

Angel of Sin

Live in Prague 2014

The Basement Tapes 3CD



LP Bootlegs

Hard Reign

Kill the lights

Disguised in black DoLP

Kings and Queen DoLP (Don Juan/Can' t await to meet. . .)

A black pack DoLP (Psychedelic sessions+?)

The Sisters of Mercy (white cover / Logo)

Carmina Burana

In the dark night

Black Dominion

Live at Leeds

Rough Diamonds DoLP

Opus Dei DoLP

Oh, the Sisters of mercy, they are not departed or gone

The Grief

Acid Rain

We're all aware of that

Hey, that's no way to say goodbye

I can't await to meet rny deadly friends

Speed Kings 90 + live 1990

Knockin' on docks door

Black moon

Echoes 2

Echoes 3

Echoes 4


Enter the Sisters

Enter the Sisters (Blue Swan Rec.)

Lim. edit. interview pic LP

Dance on the fire

The Incredible History of the Sisters Vol.1

The Incredible History of the Sisters Vol.2

In the Shadow of Angels

Cryptic flowers

The lights shine clear through the sodium haze

Moving shadows in a land of darkness

Live at the Kir Club

Half Moon over Amsterdam


Live in the Troyan Horse

Come together in Mercyland

In Red

Lord of Darkness

Don Juan

The return to Arkham


Out through the poison door

No time to cry

Floor Show

Knocking on heaven's door

Electric Garden Stockholm

Saints and Martyrs white and pink

Time to Cry


Possession DoLP

Blood Money

Beware the Ghost


We're all aware of that (Picture LP)

Adult Movies

Halloween in Arkham

Through the years



Colours in Carnage

Adult movies

The Quality of Mercy


Live at the Melkweg

Heaven can wait

The Dancer's Reward

Panic in their eyes

Satanic Verses

Live in Amsterdam

The last time around

Wholy Ghost

Live at Big club

Razorblade Pic. LP

Opended Paradise

Angels of Sin

Gimme Shelter

Land of the Kings

Garden of Delight

Ice to the Eskimos

22/09/1984 York England

Palladium Riga 2016

Sisters Now 2016

Knocking on Odeon's door

NOW 2016


Dont turn on the lights

Jesus loves the Sisters

Light and Shadow

Riley Smith Hall Leeds

Jesus loves the Sisters

Land of the Kings

Dressed to kill

Armageddon Outtakes

Live at Bochum

A fire in the Hull

Missione Italiana

Chicago Cabaret Metro

Dark Lies At The Ballroom

At the blind parade

Broken soul

Violent hour

Complete BBC Radio One Sessions

Victims of circumstance picture LP

King Georges Hall

The Flowers of Sins

London Roundhouse 2017 3LP

The Shadow Smiles 3LP



Dark Lies at the Ballroom                (Slovakei 35+10� transparent)                                       45,00� incl.P.






Single Bootlegs

Reading ' 91 (Singles box)

Good Things (Sunglasses)

Jolene (No time to cry)

Mariann (Opus Dei Single/Knockin...)



Sister Ray/Gimme Gimme

All along the watchtower (red vinyl)

Watch/Damage done (first single rerelease)

Damage done + 3 (red cover)

Damage done + 3 (white cover)

Ghostrider EP

Interview Pic. Singles 4er set

Echoes Vol 1.

Sins and Secrets

Live at the Paradiso

Victims of Circumstance

Silence is Platinium

The Black Horizon

Weird Tales

Razor Smiles

Whistle Test Studios 1. and 3. edition


Ghost Rider

The Shuttered Room

The last magician of rational thought


Good Things +2 (yellow + white)

And you won't make me jealous

The unofficial theme to Angel Heart


The End


A Merciless Release

Among Body And Soul

Damage Done

Among Body and Soul






Thank you


The violent hour



A comeback of sorts (Belgrade 06)

In the western sky