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A Black Pack DoLP (20.10.84 + Peel/Jensen-Sessions)

A Fire In The Hull (01.07.83 Dingwalls, Hull)

Adult Movies DoLP (??.11.84 Germany + 02.05.85 Rom)

Afterhours (13.10.84 Manchester + Demos)

Alice on heaven's door '85 (01.04.1985 Brighton)

Angels of Sin  (Demos + Live)

Armageddon Outtakes (Various Live +Demos)

A Merciful Release (29.05.84 Detmold)

Aporetical Poetry (Leeds 20.01.1983)

At the beach (USA 85)


Beware the Ghost DoLP(28.08.83 Amsterdam)

Black Dominion (Demos)

Black Dominion Box Set (Demos)

Black Moon (13.11.84 Koeln)

Black October DoLP (22.11.84 Brighton)

Blood Money (18.06.85 London)

Boys of the spires (31.07.1983 Ancona))

Brixton Ace (19.06.83 Brixton)

Brothers and Sisters (17.04.85 Aachen)


Cryptic Flowers (0?.11.84 Germany)

Carmina Burana (Various Live + Demos)

Colours in Carnage DoLP (17.10.84 Nottingham)

Come together in Mercyland (02.12.93 Wien + Demos)

Cover Songs


Dance on the Fire (22.12.93 Birmingham)

Dark Ages DoLP (19.04.1985 Cologne)

Dark Lies At The Ballroom DoLP (11.08.1983 London)

Dark Paradise (25.03.85 London)

Demos (Demos + 30.03.84 Bochum)

Dead Flowers (Peel+Jensen Sessions)

Disguised in Black DoLP (13.03.85 Newcastle)

Don Juan (Demos)


Echoes Vol1 (7")

Echoes Vol2 (Various Live + Demos)

Echoes Vol3 (Demos)

Echoes Vol4 (Demos)

Enter the Sisters (ReRelease of official Singles+Maxis)

Electric Garden Stockholm 26 October 1983


Feel no Pain (SSV-PictureLP)

First and Last and Forever (Holland 1983

Flexi (Russian Flexi Disc)

Floorshow (30.05.85 Long Beach)

Floor Show DoLP (25.03.85 London + 2x 13.04.84 New York)


Garden of Delight (Demos and outtakes)

Ghostriderz (16.03.85 Leeds)

Ghost Riders (16.03.85 Leeds)

Ghostly Crew (Jensen Session 83)

Gimme Shelter (BBC Sessions)

Green Eldritch (29.05.84 Detmold)


Half Moon over Amsterdam (28.08.83 Amsterdam)

Halloween DoLP (Various Live)

Halloween in Arkham  (17.03.83 London + PeelSessions)

Halloween's Day (31.10.84 London)

Hard Reign (Demos)

Heaven can wait (21.03.85 Blackburn)

Hey, that's no way to say goodbye (24.03.85 London)

House of Reptiles (20.10.84 Essex University)


I can't await to meet my deadly friends

Ice to the Eskimos

In Red (Demos +  Various Live)

In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall DoLP (18.06.85 London)also known as Wake

Interview (Interview)

In the Dark Night (01.05.85 Florenz)

In the Shadow of Angels (Demos + Live)


Jesus LovesThe Sisters (06.05.83 London)


Killing Fields DoLP (17.11.91 Hamburg)

Kings and Queens DoLP (Demos + Live)

Knocking on Docks Door DoLP (17.11.90 Hamburg)

Knocking on Heaven's Door DoLP (12.11.84 Stuttgart)

Knocking on Odeon's door (17.11.1984 M´┐Żnster)

Kill the Lights (Demos)


Land of the Kings (Oslo 1985)

Live at Big Club 1985

Live at Deinze Box (01.06.84)

Live at the brixton ace

Live at Leeds (16.03.85 Leeds)

Live at the Kir (07.08.83 Hamburg) also known as Phoenix

Live at the Melkway (02.06.84 Amsterdam)

Live in Amsterdam 1984 (02.06.84 Amsterdam)

Live in Holland (28.08.83 Amsterdam)

Live in Heidelberg (22.11.90 Heidelberg)

Live In Hull 83l (01.07.83 Dingwalls, Hull)

Live in Lier (31.05.84)

Live in Oxford 1984 (18.05.84)

Live in Powerhouse - England 1985 (26.03.1985 Birmingham)

Live in the Troyan Horse (26.05.84 Den Haag)

Lord of Darkness (Peel/Jensen-Sessions)


Melkweg Amsterdam (02.06.84)

Mercyful Release (29.05.84 Detmold)

Moving Shadows in a land of darkness (Various Live)


No time to Cry (17.05.85 Stockholm)

NOW 2016 (various)


Obscure in Darkness (22.04.85 Frankfurt)

Oh, the Sisters of Mercy they're not departed or gone (Demos)

Opened Paradise DoLP (Bonn 1985)

Opus Dei DoLP (17.05.85 Stockholm + 15.05.85 Goeteborg)

Out through the Poison Door (Peel/Jensen-Session)


Palladium Riga 2016 DoLP(03.08.2016 Palladium, Riga, Latvia)

Panic in their eyes (26.05.84 Trojan Horse Den Haag)

Phoenix (31.08.83 Hamburg) also known as Live at the Kir

Posession DoLP (28.08.83 Amsterdam)

Psychedelic Sessions 1984 (Peel/Jensen-Sessions)

Psychedelic Sessions 1986 (Peel/Jensen-Sessions + Live)

Pure Live  (05.03.1984 Middlesborough)


Razor Shock (07.04.84 Birmingham)

Razorblades (Brussels 83 Mallemut Festival)

Recorded live at Brixton

Revelations (22.09.84 York)

Remasters Sampler (2009)

Rough Diamonds (Various Live)

Russian Flexi Disc (Flexi)


Saints and Martyrs (Demos + 27.05.84 Soundcheck Hamburg)

Satanic Verses DoLP (24.11.90 London)

Speed Kings 1990 (20.10.90 Drogheda)

Speed Kings Live 90 (20.10.90 Drogheda)

Stranger DoLP (29.04.85 Mailand)

Stonehenge (25.03.85 London)


Tender Mercies (31.10.83 San Francisco)

Testament of Ivar L. DoLP (21.11.90 Duesseldorf)

The Acid Rain (Various Live)

The Dancer's Reward (Peel Session + March Violets)

The Damage is done (Various Live)

The Damage Is Done Original Demo Tape 1981 (Demos + Various Live)

The Dark (29.06.83 London + 28.08.83 Amsterdam)

The Final Floorshow

The Grief (Various Live)

The Incredible History of the Sisters Vol 1 (Demos + Mixes)

The Incredible History of the Sisters Vol 2 (Demos + Mixes)

The Quality of Mercy DoLP(18.06.85 London)

The last time around DoLP (21.04.85 Bielefeld)

The Lights shine clear through the sodium haze DoLP (Various Live)

The return to Arkham DoLP (16.02.91 Leeds)

The Sisters of Mercy DoLP (29.05.84 Detmold + Various)

Through the Years 3-LP-Box-Set (30.08.83 Berlin + 01.04.85 Brighton)

Time to Cry DoLP (24.03.85 London)

Tune in... Turn off... Burn out... (16.03.85 Leeds)


Wake DoLP (18.06.85 London) same as In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

We're all aware of that(02.05.85 Rom)

WEA In-House Mixes  (Mixes)

Wholy Ghost (17.05.85 Stockholm)